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Season Five Missions and Surveillance: "Let No Man Put Asunder"

Mission Profile

While Nikita(Peta Wilson) is taking a rest from ongoing missions, she receives an incoming message from Michael(Roy Dupuis) (It is here that Peta calls Roy by his real name rather than the characters name, at least I believe this to be a blooper, I cannot think of what else she could have said). He asks for Nikita to bring him back into Section. Meanwhile, The Collective is in search of Michael's son Adam to assure them an advatange over Michael and Section. Michael returns with Nikita's aid and debriefs with Operations(Eugene Robert Glazer) who is more than happy to inform Michael of the appearance of the real Mr. Jones(Edward Woodward), Nikita's father. Operations then insinuates that Michael knew all along and involved himself with Nikita for his advantage. Michael then has a discussion with Mr. Jones regarding a top secret meeting in which The Collective is planning on killing several key delegates. Michael agrees to help destroy The Collectives plot in return for something to be disclosed after he and Nikita succeed in the mission. Mr. Jones agrees. The mission goes as planned and Michael asks Mr. Jones to disclose the whereabouts of Adam. Jones will agree to give Michael Adam's location only if Michael agrees to leave Section and leave Nikita behind. Michael doesn't agree saying that only Nikita could make that decision. Later Nikita and Michael share a night of love-making. The next day, while sharing a meal, Michael asks Nikita to leave Section and come with him and Adam. Michael believes they could have a happy life together while Nikita is cautious that such an idealic situation is impossible. Shortly, thereafter, Opearations discovers that The Collective has uncovered Adam's location. He hurriedly leaves to get to the boy before they do. The Collective gain the upper hand by arriving first. A shoot-out ensues and Operations is killed. The Collective now has Adam. Walter(Don Francks) and Quinn(Cindy Dolenc) mourn Operations, and Mr. Jones tells Nikita and Michael the bad news. Michael decides to trade himself for his son and asks Nikita to care for him after his death. However, upon arriving at the Collective's headquarters, Michael is informed that if he does not deliver Mr. Jones to them, Adam will die.

Surveillance not yet available