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Straight Outta Section Message Board

From the Denise at the WBMB via the HHMB: (From Chris Heyn)

Yes, it's going to happen!
Inside Section One: The Unofficial Viewer's Guide to La Femme Nikita will be available for sale this November, although you will be able to pre-order it at the Con (more on that later). In order to better serve the fanbase, and with the intent of getting the book out before Christmas, I am writing and selling it independently via the Web. I've been writing furiously for the past few months, and will be doing so until the time the book is released. The book is already looking to be quite lengthy. So, why release a book independently and not through a publisher? Although it's a greater financial risk on my part, I wanted to have complete control over content and design as a first-time author. The book is designed to be as slick-looking as the show, yet contain the informative content that fans have desired, including: *Brand new interviews with the cast, crew and production staff *Behind the scenes photos, sketches and production designs *The story behind La Femme Nikita's development for TV, and: *An exhaustive breakdown of every single episode, including: --Analysis of storylines and their development, from idea to execution --Behind-the-scenes anecdotes on each episode from cast and crew --Complete cast credits --Ratings history --Songs used in each episode --Glossaries of characters and terms And lots more! including original cover art from Doug MacRae! Inside Section One will retail for $24.95 US plus shipping, and 10 percent of all net proceeds will be donated to Camp Pacific Heartland. So, you can get the behind-the-scenes look at La Femme Nikita that youve always wanted, and help a worthy cause, too. However, it gets better. All those attending CQS4 will be able to pre-order personalized signed copies of the book at the discounted price of $19.95 US, and pre-orders of five or more to the same US or Canadian mailing address will also receive free shipping, while international orders of five or more will be charged half the shipping cost! Watch me go broke! (Let's hope not.) Seriously, a healthy number of pre-orders will help with the up-front printing costs of the book.If you are not going to CQS4, then you won't be able to take advantage of the discount price or the signed copies, but if you know a friend who's going, make sure you give them some extra dinero so they can order one (or more) for you, too. I look forward to meeting all of you at the Con. See you then... and spread the word! Chris