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Season Five Missions and Surveillance: "The Man Behind the Curtain"

Mission Profile

Nikita(Peta Wilson) finally meets her father and learns that he is none other than the real Mr. Jones(Edward Woodward). Upon meeting, he matter of factly tells her that the reason she was recruited into Section One was so that one day she would take his place as the head of Center. He informed her that she had to make it on her own in order not to seem as if he were showing favoritism. He then proceeds to inform her that there is a mole within Section and that he wants her to find out who it is. The two that he believes could be the traitor are O'Brien(Stephan Shellan) or Operations(Eugene Robert Glazer). Nikita, having no love toward Operations, immediately places the blame on him. Mr. Jones, however, is leaning towards O'Brien. He sends Nikita to determine who it is. On a "date" with O'Brien, she renders him unconcious to check out his apartment, where she discovers his secret; he's been taking care of his elderly mother, whom Section did not know about. Knowing this, Nikita is now sure that Operations is the mole. Her father, on her word, places Operations under arrest. However, while on a mission, O'Brien and his team are ambushed and O'Brien is killed. Because Operations was placed in containment, it became obvious that neither man could have been the mole and that someone else within Section was leaking information to The Collective. The last that we see, is Michael walking into the headquarters of Section's greatest threat.


Surveillance is being processed and should be available shortly.