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Seymour Birkoff is the Computer/Communications specialist of Section One.
Birkoff, as he is known, was born into Section One. His mother, a Section operative, died soon after his birth, although it has been said that he was brought to Section after having killed his sister. Birkoff's expert knowledge of technology helps maintain Section as the well-oiled machine that it is. Without Birkoff, Section would not be able to carry out its objectives.
Birkoff, having been in Section for as long as he has, has no illusions about what happens to those operatives who do not play by the rules, although his affection for Nikita, Michael, and Walter, he will work around the rules he is given in order to keep them alive. Only one was Birkoff issued cancellation orders when a fellow operative with matching skill in technology, Greg Hillinger, set him up to take the fall for his own designs on Birkoff's position. At the last minute, Hillinger's deception was discovered, Birkoff was spared, and it was Hillenger who was canceled.
Birkoff, however, led only a short life. In order to keep Section on-line during a period of down-time, Birkoff created an Artificial Intelligence system. The AI soon developed a conscious of its own and set out to destroy Section. Birkoff gave his life in order to save Section from certain destruction.
Not long before his death, Birkoff discovered that he had a twin brother who had been allowed his freedom at the toss of Walter's coin. Without Section's knowledge, Birkoff found his brother and was hoping to forge a relationship with him to discover what life outside of Section would be like. Upon Birkoff's death, Section, under the direction of Operations, brought his twin,Jason Crawford, into Section in order to keep Birkoff's death from Oversight and The Center, and to continue the work that Birkoff was trained to do.


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