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Madeline. Top Level Section One operative and Master Strategist.
Madeline is a woman to be reckoned with. Her life in Section One began when it is believed she killed her sister Sarah. Madeline in her years of service to Section has became second in the line of command and she will quickly decide cancellation is in order to make sure that Section runs smoothly, efficiently, and without dissent. Madeline will do whatever necessary to maintain her posistion. At one time, she even killed her own husband, Charles Sand, an operative long thought to have been dead, because his living was at odds with Section rules and regulations.
Although Madeline is the best at what she does, on occasion one can see that it is her years in Section that have made her what she is, and that in another world, she might actually have some human qualities. She spend quite a bit of time tending to her bonsai plants, and on occasion can even be seen smiling. Love is something that she has learned has no place in Section and she does very well at suppressing her feelings for Operations, with whom she has had a secret affair with.
Madeline, last we know of, commited suicide when Nikita was discovered to be working for The Center. During her "review" that Nikita and Mr. Jones were conducting, she refused to let them cancel her and instead ingested a fatal dose, of what is unknown, that she had hidden in her hairclip.


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