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Michael Samuelle has been an operative for Section One for 10 years. A Level 5 operative, Michael is a formidable opponent who does his job well. His years with Section have honed him into operative who will kill without hesitation and show little mercy to those who betray him.
Michael was brought into Section One as a young college student from Marseilles Paris, where at University, he became involved in a student revolutionary group whose message was given through bombs. Although initially, as with any recruit, Michael found life in Section difficult, he quickly grew to become one of the leading operatives in the organization. Michael, it seemed was being groomed to one day take over Section One.
Michael was assigned to Nikita during her training at Section One, and has come to be her mentor, teacher, sometime friend, and sometime lover. Michael has known love before and knows that a life in Section makes it impossible to truly give ones heart freely. His first wife, Simone, was also an operative who was believed to be dead. In reality, she was being held prisoner by ? a terrorist organization Section had been trying to destroy. As soon as Michael was reunited with her, she gave her own life to destroy those who had held her captive. Michael was given a second chance at love with Elena Vacek(sp?). He had been assigned to her in order to get to her father, a target Section One was finding difficult to eliminate. For 5 years, Michael was happily living with the pretense of his marriage to the beautiful woman, and was an even more caring and loving father to his son Adam, a product of this deception. Soon, however, Section , through Michael, had their target, and his life with Elena had come to a close. Michael, presumed dead by his family, was almost destroyed by his loss. If not for Nikita, Michael would have given up on life. Although, Michael eventually put his grief behind him, he does not believe love and Section can coincide and fights the feelings he has for Nikita because of this.
Now, Michael's fate is unknown. When Nikita revealed that she had been working undercover for The Center, she was the one who decided Michael's cancellation orders, but while on the suicide mission that was to take his life, Nikita got him out alive, but insisted that she had never loved him, she had been deceiving him the short time that they were together. Is this true or is it just a game that must be played to survive in their world?


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