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Nikita, kicked out by her mother, was a streetkid trying to survive when she witnessed a brutal murder. Accused of the crime she did not commit, she was sentenced to life in prison. Shortly thereafter, she was taken from her cell and found herself within the walls of Section One. She was given two choices: Become an operative in the ruthless, covert, anti-terroist organization. Or be cancelled. Nikita choose the life of a Section operative. She was taught to use her beauty and her physical prowess to become a human lethal weapon.
Trained and mentored by Michael Samuelle, Nikita is good at her job, but is often at odds with the ruthless and deadly rules that Section One operates by. Nikita is both compassionate and humanistic, two traits not revered in a Section Operative. Nikita has often found herself close to cancellation, but her skill and instinct for survival have kept her alive.
The love/hate relationship that she has with Michael is also a root of dissention she has with Section. Regardless of his air of coldness, Nikita finds herself to drawn to the man who trained her. Although, she often professes to have no feelings for him, she cannot stay away from him. Life in Section has made it impossible for either to truly know the heart of the other.
After 6 years in Section One, Nikita has recently been discovered to have been working undercover for The Center, the umbrella under which Section One operates. This breach of loyalty to Section is now the focus of La Femme Nikita.


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