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Operations, real name-Paul L. Wolfe. Is the head of Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist organization in the world.
20-some years of service, have made Operations the most formidable operative within Section One. Only the umbrella agencies that oversee Section can claim superiority. Trained as a soldier, Operations was fighting in the Vietnamese War when he was taken as a P.O.W. To the outside world, and his wife Corrine, he died a hero, his name engraved on the Vietnam Vets War Memorial in Washington D.C. To the terrorist world, Operations is a target all would like to destroy.
Operations, it can be seen, has no compassion and his dogged pursuit of the position of leader of Oversight, and his current position as Operations, makes him ruthless, cold, and emotionless, or so it seems. On occasion, he has had moments of sincerity and concern, but only in private. He still has feelings for Madeline, and when his former wife played into Section's schemes, his grief at her loss in his life blindsided him. However, moments of what are known within Section as weaknesses, are rare and his ability to control them is unparalleled.
Nikita's outing as a Center operative, has thrown Operations into a situation he has never been in before, and his bid for Oversight has been overrided. Nikita has informed him that his lack of compassion is unacceptable and that he will have at least 7 more years in Section to learn the qualities he had always tried to destroy in her.


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