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Walter, long-term veteran of Section One, has made it known that there is no one better to fill his position as Weapons Specialist.
It is Walter who has had led the longest service as a Level 5 operative, having spent most of his 60 years in the secret organization. Many more years than even Operations. Unlike a lot of other operatives, Walter has come to terms with his life in Section One and knows that it is pointless to even think of having a life outside of Section. As such, Walter does what he has to do and tries to make life a little easier in Section for those like Nikita, of whom he has grown very fond.
Walter, although older than most within Section, is quite capable of acting like "a 60-year-old teenager" as Madeline once said. On occasion he will go against the rules and others will go against them for him. As in the case of Belinda, and operative with whom he fell in love and married. Unknown to Walter, Belinda was an abeyance operative who was only alive long enough to be used for a mission where more valuable operatives would be wasted. Knowing of Walter and Belinda's relationship and of Belinda's status within Section, Birkoff, Walter's closest friend went against Section rules and changed her operative status so that the mission she was to perform went to someone else. It bought a brief amount of time for Walter and Belinda's relationship. When Walter did discover her status, and learned that she was killed on a mission, he came close to pulling the trigger of the gun he put to his head. Without the help of those who truly care about him, Nikita, Michael, and Birkoff, Walter would have died a broken man.
Walter, may not have much time in Section, however, When Nikita came out as a Center operative, She made the decision that Walter go to the farm, in order to train new recruits and impart his expertise to them. Whether Nikita has meant this as an insult or a compliment, to Walter, it's a fate as bad as cancellation.


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