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Season Five Missions and Surveillance: The Evil that Men Do

Mission Profile

All concerned with Center and Section is desperately trying to find the mole who has been leaking intel to the Collective. Mr. Jones(Edward Woodward), Nikita's father, meets with Nikita(Peta Wilson) to once again go over the list of possible suspects. Mr. Jones tells Nikita that a new computer program indicates that the only possible operative who could be the mole is Michael. Nikita, knowing she had saved him after she sentenced him to cancellation, tells her father that it could not be him because he is dead. Later, Operations(Eugene Robert Glazer), who believes Michael is alive, sets Nikita up during an information retrieving mission, to lose communications with Quinn(Cindy Dolenc) who is running Comm. Nikita barely escapes with her life. She then confronts Operations, knowing that he was behind it, after realizing that Quinn was not truly at fault for the incident. Operations then suggests that they have a standoff: Mr. Jones would make the decision of who would be cancelled. While on a mission of his own, Operations' plane is shot down by the Collective. Because of his value in Section, it is imperative that he is not captured by the organization. Nikita, knowing the importance, leads the mission to recover him alive. He is found, but not without a standoff with the Collective, in which only him and Nikita survive. Later, while Operations and Nikita are being questioned by Mr. Jones at their trial, so to speak, Nikita admits that she knows that Michael is alive. Operations believes he has won, and Mr. Jones admits that his colleagues within Center may agree. He tells Nikita that if she had told him the truth earlier, he could have covered it up, but now, she may have to pay for her lie. Operations, later discovers the contact lens/bug that Quinn had planted their first night together, believing her to be the mole, he summons her to the white room for interrogation. There he learns that Quinn is not the mole, but working undercover for Mr. Jones, who was actually behind the intel leak to the Collective in order to get rid of Operations. Failing that, Mr. Jones at least has enough information that Operations was behind the communications failure that almost got Nikita killed; and he orders him to be taken to containment.


Surveillance not yet complete.