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La Femme Nikita: 1991 French Film directed and produced by Luc Besson


Mario Cecchi Gori

Vittorio Ceachi Gori

Released by Samuel Goldwyn Co.

La Femme Nikita is the story of a streetkid strung out on drugs and looking for the next fix. While robbing a pharmacy, Nikita and her gang of druggies, are caught by police, her friends are killed as she hides under a counter. When found, Nikita hesitates only a moment before shooting the cop, point blank. Tried and sentenced to death, she is given what is believed to be a lethal injection. However, Nikita wakes up and finds herself recruited by a top secret organization where she is to be trained as a lethal weapon. If she chooses not to go along with them, they will return her to her original sentence.
Nikita, after a rough start, finally realizes that she must play by their rules. When she finally is allowed to live on her own, she finds love with a young grocery clerk. Nikita learns that although she has been given her outside freedom, she will never be free from the organization that spared her life. She must learn to reconcile why she lives, with how she wishes to live.

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Point of No Return: 1993 American remake produced by Art Linson and directed by John Badham


Released by Warner Bros.

Point of No Return is the American retelling of La Femme Nikita. This film is almost a total copy of the original with many of the camera angles identical to its predeccesor. The only difference is in its attempt to appeal to an American audience. The young woman's name is different, as is the young man with whom she falls in love. He is her apartment manager instead of a grocery clerk. She is re-located to Venice California instead of a place unknown. Often, the action scenes are on a much grander scale in order to appease the American audience. The highlight of this version is Harvey Keitel's performance as Victor. Fans of the original La Femme Nikita and the television series of the same name will probably enjoy this film, but it cannot compare to the original. Still, it is La Femme Nikita, and no fan should go without viewing it at least once.
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