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Season Five Missions and Surveillance: "A Time For Every Purpose"

Mission Profile

A Time for Every Purpose is the last original episode of La Femme Nikita to be aired. Michael(Roy Dupuis) has been given the order to deliver Mr. Jones(Edward Woodward) to The Collective or they will kill his son Adam. Nikita(Peta Wilson) finds Michael who is hurt and takes him to Section. Mr. Jones wants a debrief but Nikita insists that it can be done while Michael is in Medical. Michael, having used the injury as a ploy, puts Jones at gun point with the intention of taking him to The Collective. Nikita, who is just beginning to get to know her father, is against this action, but Michael insists that he will not let Adam die and takes Jones from Section. When The Collective arrives to retrieve Mr. Jones, Nikita makes a surprise entrance and Michael and her wipe out all but the key man, The Collectives Second in Command. They make a deal with him that in trade for Adam, they will kill The Collective's leader and give him control of the terrorist organization. The man agrees and the two make plans to take out the leader. Meanwhile, Section is in a state of disarray as the search for a new Operations(Eugene Robert Glazer) is underway. It is now between two Oversight members. Jason(Matthew Ferguson), having dealt with the woman (sorry, I can't remember her name) before and is owed favors from her believes her to be the best candidate. Walter(Don Franks), on the other hand, had turned down her advances from years before and still believes that she will have him cancelled upon being named Operations. Walter urges Jason to help keep her from the post. Jason, however, tells Walter that he can't help. Walter expresses his thought that Jason's brother, Birkoff would not have turned away from his friends and that he would have been ashamed that his brother could act in such a manner. Later, Jason does the right thing and makes sure that a blemish on her profile is recognized by the Center.

Michael and Nikita fail in their attempt at eleminating the head of The Collective, and now have to find another way to retrieve Adam and keep Mr. Jones. Nikita begs that her father give himself over to the Collective in return for Adam. Mr. Jones, however refuses to do as his daughter asks. Michael is then forced to turn himself over to The Collective in return for Adam. At the last minute, Mr. Jones arrives having said no earlier for surveillance sake. Mr. Jones tells Nikita that the only way that he will give himself over is if Nikita accepts the post of Operations. She agrees, only to then have to watch her father be killed as the trade occurs. Later, as Michael and Adam are ready to head to their new life, Nikita and Michael, knowing that they will never have the life they dreamt about, say goodbye and that they love each other. The final scene shows Nikita in her place as Operations overlooking Section One from the perch.

Surveillance not yet available